Modular architecture

MuteBox One

The unique feeling of being able to be completely present when you have to make an important call, or focus on a significant work task.

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MuteBox Meet

An additional meeting room that improves well-being in the workplace. Far cheaper than establishing a new meeting room.

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MuteBox Work

Need extra peace and quiet while working? MuteBox Work shuts out disturbing noises and ensures you the right workflow.

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Benefits of a MuteBox

MuteBox is a Danish design company that delivers high-quality meeting rooms and telephone boxes for use in any type of workspace.We design sustainable, flexible, and space-saving solutions with a focus on acoustic optimisation and employee well-being.

Experience less noice

Experience less noise and increased well-being with telephone boxes and meeting rooms from MuteBox.

Improves work environments

Through high-quality design solutions, MuteBox improves work environments and public spaces, and creates workspaces for meetings and immersion.

Ideal for the new reality

It’s an effective weapon against stress and ideal for the new reality with many daily video and telephone meetings.